T. Karlov, Esq.
So, since technically I’m responsible for freeing Avacyn, or whatever her angelness is called, does that make me like a saint or something in your religion? I do like ‘Saint Liliana’ it sounds so kinky.

Lilya, my dear, I oughtn’t have to remind you: sainthood’s for the dead. But mightn’t a canon lawyer (like myself) be tempted to argue that as an experienced necromancer long past her natural end, you’re in certain technically-relevant senses already dead? Yes, I suppose she might. If you’ve any interest in getting a sweet, steady stream of mana flowing from the Orzhov laity, contact us with the financial particulars and we’ll have you on the fast track to beatification in no time.

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  2. asksorinmarkov said: If we are going to debate questionable sainthood, shouldn’t they at least have died once? She is very much alive and untouched by the frigid caress of death.